​Joyetech Authorized Dealer Program

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​Joyetech Authorized Dealer Program

​Joyetech Authorized Dealer Program
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We are proud to announce the Joyetech Authorized Dealer Program for MyVapors with product lines from Joyetech USA, Eleaf USA, & Wismec USA. To break down what it is, we are going to give you a few examples of how this program can help solve all the headaches and problems that most vape stores are having today. We are rolling out a new program designed to help you, your clientele, & ultimately your finances. This is really a tool you can use to save you money and grow your business at the same time. Listed below are three benefits of the program you will receive as a JAD Program Member:

• Joye Care

• Joye Rewards

• Joye Club

WHO – So who is this for?

This is a program for people who purchase from MyVapors in the amount of $1,000 per month and maintain these purchases by buying and selling Joyetech, Eleaf, or Wismec devices in bulk. This can be Vape Shop Owners, Retailers, Head Shops, or Online Stores.

Joye Care

As Joyetech Authorized Dealer Members shop Owners who have old, used, and damaged product that they had no route to exchange or refurbish, now have access to a smooth RMA & Warranty process, we offer for 120 days starting at time of purchase for defective devices. This gives shop owners the security to swap out products with their customers without concern. Joye Care gives JAD Members the ability to smoothly register broken or faulty hardware from device purchases made through the manufacturer.

Joye Rewards

Rewards are based on sales of $1,000 or more of Joyetech, Eleaf, or Wismec Devices. JAD Members are eligible for a 30-Day Buy Back Credit for in-store items. These products must be unopened packages to qualify. Simply by being in the program, we give shop owners tiered discounts which can be used to bring down their bottom line.

Joye Club

Joye Club is part of the program specifically designed for our fans and retail customers - for the consumer. A “member” can post on social media and promote Joyetech USA, Wismec USA & Eleaf USA and receive access to giveaways and events which we will have throughout the year. Promotions will also help Vape Stores to thrive in their given market by boosting the Vape Community with new, innovative products, and helping to bring Vape Retailers and Vape Consumers together at events hosted by MyVapors.

Joye Club is exclusive in nature, & we will be rolling out new products before they launch and allowing members to purchase at discounted rates. E-Juice Vape Boxes, Hoodies, T-Shirts, Hats, and other shwag will also be released exclusively to eligible Joye Club Members.

WHY – I should care

Our one-of-a-kind warranty RMA program helps keep your business moving

This JAD Program gives you the secure understanding that if you accept a return from your customer; after checking to see if it is eligible - of course, you can then swap out that product through the program - giving your customer a HUGE benefit to keep coming back to your store. This also helps you wash out an undesirable product which may just be sitting and collecting dust for one reason or another. The consumer doesn’t take the hit by having to toss that unit and buy a new product; and the vape store owner doesn’t take the hit by having to decide between a refund - which does them no good by sitting in their shop, or by stiffing their customer of the superb customer service they’d like to get by denying a return on a defective or damaged product.

WHERE – Do I go to get started?

Click the button below or call your My Vapors Representative.

Ask about our Sample Display Program, you won’t be disappointed!

Direct US Customer Support

You heard that right! Direct US Customer support helps your vape shop break away from those questions you’d rather pass off to us. It allows walkthroughs on questions like “How do I change my clock?” or how do I get to this ______ feature; which allows your staff to focus on more pertinent questions leading to a sale.

The Bigger Picture

We are looking at creating greater relationships with our members and building out connections which last. With these benefits mentioned above within the Joyetech Authorized Dealers Program, namely - Joye Care, Joye Rewards, & Joye Club - we see an opportunity to secure business owners as well as consumers with a reassurance that the products that they purchase from MyVapors or their respective JAD Program Member Shops are meeting strict guidelines.

Those that do not meet the guidelines are given an opportunity to be replaced, or credited back to the organization through Joye Points and Warranties which give the Shop Owner, the consumer and the staff a certain security in the market.

The Vape Industry is moving quickly to put products on the market, and as a Manufacturer, Joyetech USA has a huge interest in making sure our products shine in the hands of those consumers. It is our understanding that by taking these steps, we aim to decrease the amount of D.O.A. products and give the proprietors of these businesses a process by which they can allow us to step in and solve any issues via a swift and smooth RMA process