90-Day Warranty

All products purchased from myVapors come with a 90-day limited warranty from the date of purchase, which warrants manufacturer defects. The 90-day limited warranty ONLY covers defects in material quality and faulty craftsmanship from the manufacturer. It DOES NOT cover normal wear and tear, misuse, and or intention/accidental damage by the user. Any request to warrant products showing clear signs of device modification, tampering, misuse, and or abuse will be denied. Please be sure to include the name used on the original purchase as well as the order number and all proof of purchase.

If you feel you have received a defective product, and are in the 90-day warranty window period, please feel free to contact us:

Phone: (949) 451 - 9229
E-mail: service@myvapors.com
Hours: Monday - Friday 9AM - 6PM PST

Please contact us before filing a warranty claim. A warranty claim RMA# must be submitted and approved prior to product inspection by our technicians. If no warranty claim paperwork has been filed and approved prior to receiving your product, we will not be able to fulfill a warranty request. Please note that we require all defective product(s) to be photographed prior to returning the product(s) to us in case of any damages that may have occurred after the product(s) has departed from the sender. All shipping costs incurred with returning the product(s) for warranty are to be absorbed by the sender, and will not be reimbursed. If the product(s) are found to be in working condition and no defects are found, the sender will be charged for shipping and handling costs to return the device to the designated return address.

Warranty Return Process:

  1. Submit authorization request
  2. Receive approval with RMA#
  3. Package products with appropriate packaging to ensure safety of devices
  4. Include all appropriate paperwork, RMA#, proof of purchase, etc.
  5. Ship your items as soon as possible at your expense

myVapors Headquarters
ATTN: Customer Service Warranty Claims
RMA# (write your approved return number here)
3059 Edinger Avenue
Tustin, CA 92780

A customer service representative will inform you upon our receipt of your warranty/return/exchange product(s). We always recommend using delivery confirmation/ tracking shipping when products are returned to us. Please send all approved warrantied items to the address to below: