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  • Urbane E-liquid by Jaybo No.9 60ml
    No 9 by Urbane E-Liquid is the perfect representation of Jay Bo's favorite German lemon gummy bear, exceptionally balanced between tartness and sweetness to create a perfect all day vape for candy lovers.
  • Urbane E-liquid by Jaybo No.13 60ml
    No 13 by Urbane E-Liquid is Jay Bo's personal take on a pomegranate-infused lemonade, featuring a red fruit foreward flavor with the floral nature of pomegranate is held back perfectly by the brightness of lemonade.
  • Urbane E-liquid by Jaybo No.18 60ml
    No 18 by Urbane E-Liquid hearkens back to Jay Bo's first flavor he ever mixed himself, presenting a wonderful showcase of black currant, a rich and slightly tangy dark fruit, complimented by lighter notes of a fresh white peach.